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There’s No Need To Pay Main Dealer Prices For Car Servicing

Cowley Road Auto Centre provide the same service at a fraction of the cost

Servicing your vehicle can reduce the risk of a breakdown, even if it is irregular. Changing the oil, oil filter, air filter and spark plugs can make it run better and helps maintain your vehicle

Interim or Full Service?

A Full Service is recommended every 12,000 miles or 12 months – whichever is sooner, although some manufacturers may recommend more frequent checks.

Interim servicing is beneficial or vehicles used for mainly short trips or for vehicles doing high mileage. An Interim service every 6,000 miles or 6 months helps keep your car safe and roadworthy between full services.
Cowley Road Auto Centre provide exceptional car servicing, with parts of equal quality to the manufacturer’s. We have the latest diagnostics equipment and your service covers just about all of the checks included in manufacturers’ service schedules.

We can service your car without invalidating its warranty

New European Union legislation gives the motorists freedom in their decision as to who can maintain their vehicle.

Cowley Road Auto Centre can service and repair your vehicle without invalidating your warranty.
For more information view the Industry Standard Service Checklist

Your can book your service by calling us on 01895 230 176, we’re here to help!