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Garage Services

At Cowley Road Auto Centre we carry out a wide range of Garage Services on just about all makes and models of vehicle, using the latest equipment in our fully equipped workshop.

Many services can be carried out while you wait and we also offer a free local collection and delivery

Our Range of Garage Services include:


We offer free brake checks
If you feel your brakes are not responding quite how they normally do, or if you notice grinding, or whirling noises you should act on this immediately, never take any chances with your brakes. Additionally, if your brake warning light illuminates, don’t delay, ensure you get your system checked out.

We are able to analyse your car’s braking performance and advise on the condition of your brake pads and discs etc.. We can also replace your brake fluid, which should be changed on a regular basis to maintain braking performance.


Supertracker Wheel Alignment
If your wheels are incorrectly aligned this can dramatically affect the wear and tear on your vehicle’s tyres. Precise four wheel alignment will improve the wear of your tyres, increase their lifespan and performance, and save on fuel consumption. You will also benefit from improved handling and driving safety by reducing steering and stability problems. Go further on less fuel, and extend the life of your tyres by bringing your vehicle to Cowley Road Auto Centre

We have invested in the latest award winning Supertracker STR 420R wheel alignment. This new technology means less waiting time for you!

Wheel Balancing
Cowley Road Auto Centre has the latest balancing equipment which allows wheels to be balanced with great accuracy, to the nearest gram and we can balance wheels up to and including 24″ in diameter.


The main mechanisms of a car’s suspension include a coil spring and shock absorber. These two components work together to dampen down and cushion the vehicle by absorbing the impact from potholes, road humps and jarring which vehicles incur when bumping up and down curbs. We can check your vehicle to ensure the integrity of your suspension.


If you think your car’s clutch may be failing call into Cowley Road Auto Centre for a free assessment. Tell tale signs of a slipping or worn clutch are problems with changing gear or difficulty accelerating up a hill. If you have an automatic gearbox not making gear changes correctly is the most common fault.
It’s better to deal with a clutch problem when you first notice it, otherwise you could end up stranded somewhere!

Gear Boxes

Not all gear box problems require the replacement of major components. On occasion gearbox problems can be solved by simply making adjustments to the gear selection mechanisms. Call into Cowley Road Auto Centre, we will inspect your vehicle and advise you of the best solution.


If a warning light illuminates on your dashboard, you may require an engine diagnostics check to identify a potential problems with your vehicle. Technology moves quickly and modern vehicles are increasingly reliant upon their central computer system. At Cowley Road Auto Centre we have up to date equipment to enable us to reset steering angle sensors, air conditioning systems and TPMS.


At Cowley Road Auto Centre we stock and extensive range of exhausts to fit the widest range of vehicles. Most parts are available within the hour if we do not have them in stock. Your vehicle’s exhaust system helps to direct poisonous gases away from the vehicle interior, preventing the driver from being exposed to noxious gases. Another function is to ensure the vehicle is a fuel efficient as possible.

So if it’s a complete new exhaust system or a partial part replacement you need, you can drive in when it’s convenient for you or contact us today on 01895 230 176

Puncture repairs

Our tyre repairs are to British Standard – BSAU159f:1990. This standard also defines limits to the location, size and number of repairs that can be carried out. We also repair punctures to mobility scooters, golf buggies, ride on mowers etc.
Locking wheel nut removal
Have you lost your locking wheel nut key? We can remove virtually all locknuts on the market with no damage to the wheel.


Tyre Pressure Monitoring System allows the permanent monitoring of the pressure of your tyres. A radio transmission is made between each electronic wheel sensor-valve and the dashboard, which will inform you should you have a slow or fast puncture or a blow-out. We are able to replace and re-code most TPMS valves.We are able to replace and re-code most TPMS valves at a fraction of main dealers costs


If you notice your car is starting sluggishly, especially in cold weather, it may be your battery that is causing the issue. At Uxbridge Car Service we offer a free battery health check and can advise on its condition. Changing your battery before it completely fails can save a lot of frustration and avoid you being left stranded. We always have a large range of batteries in stock and can supply and fit while you wait to get you back on the road straight away. In addition to batteries for cars we also stock batteries for mobility scooters!