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Car Air Conditioning – Servicing & Repairs

Why do I need my air conditioning system checked?

A new or well-serviced air conditioning system is filled 100% with a refrigerating agent and should not contain air, water, bacteria or dirt.

However, up to 10% of the refrigerating agent may escape from the air conditioning system each year as a result of unavoidable loss. Water and refrigerating agent are also acid-forming!

Over time this acid build up attacks the various components of the air conditioning system and may also cause corrosion and bacteria to grow. The damage done by this often entails high repair costs!

What does an air conditioning service entail?

  • The temperature of the air entering the vehicle is measured
  • All the old refrigerant is removed safely from your vehicle
  • The system undergoes a deep vacuum to remove all traces of air or water
  • The air conditioning gas is filtered to remove impurities then recharged back into the vehicle
  • Any lost gas is replaced and a leak detecting U.V. dye is injected
  • The system is fully tested for leaks and efficiency